Blast of Arctic Means Snow and Flash Freezes Thursday

A blast of arctic air will move from the Northern Plains to the East coast next Wednesday to Thursday, perhaps early Christmas morning. Temperatures are expected to fall 10-20 degrees behind the front which may result in widespread flash freezes. That’s when it rains then turns over to snow with falling temperatures causing roads and sidewalks to ice over.

The GFS model show quite a bit of snow from the Ohio Valley into the Appalachians with heavier snow amounts across the Northeast. The heavier snows are in response to the wave of low pressure that runs along the front.

Winds ahead of the front could be be strong along the East coast. Gusts of 40-60 mph are . Possible the front comes over the Appalachians, a surge of strong winds may occur which I term “Dam Bursting High Winds.”

In any case, people should prepare for poor travel.

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  1. Should be interesting Henry. The scenario reminds me of the winter of 92/93. We had an arctic front move through on Christmas Day about 6 PM. On our way back west from Baltimore, I-70 flash froze into a sheet of ice. Cars were literally sliding off of the road even when at a complete stop. It was quite scary. There was no snow behind that front though. The remaining winter was very snowy and very cold. Analog year maybe???

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