Monday’s Snow Map. Mostly a Cat 1-2 Storm

10pm – I changed the snow map for Monday back to the original based on all the guidance.

1pm – I think I should have left things alone with the past snow map.

Update 12/13 8am – I updated the snow map to remove the higher amounts in the Mid-Atlantic. Looks like it might be too warm for accumulations so rain may mix in more keeping amounts down. NAM and GFS remain on the heavier side of the snows which I don’t think is correct but will keep that option open in this marginal situation.

Sunday Update – Snow coming out of the southern Plains will dwindle across the Mississippi Valley then reform across Tennessee and Kentucky. As the storm strengthens we will see enhanced snows from the Appalachians through New Jersey and perhaps southern New England. GFS shows some spotting 4-6 inch amounts in NJ but I think that is too high for the storm type. The role of the storm is to swing colder air into the second and bigger storm coming Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Monday’s Snow Map. Mostly a Cat 1-2 Storm

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  1. Wow! Reading PA, to Newark NJ special!!! Not much to the south or north…. but nice stripe of 8-14 inches in the narrow vector aforementioned ….. 4-8 just to the north…anyhow…not a Big daddy, but a nice storm


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