DRy Air into Zeta

Looks like dry air has been drawn into ZETA keeping Zeta at tropical storm status. I expect that Zeta will increase again overnight but probably will not become a CAT 2 only a Cat 1 due the cool pool of water out ahead of Zeta. Still a nasty storm with damaging winds and flooding rains when the storm comes inland.

One thought on “DRy Air into Zeta

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  1. The less Zeta the better. We THINK we have the upper hand on chronic basement water susceptibility, having spent an unplanned king’s ransom on several iterations of improvements. A couple of inches of rain spread out over 24+ hours should be no problem. Torrents though (most of an inch an hour of something) might be something else again. Rain is like chocolate and cheese for me – ok but only if in moderation.


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