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Severe Storms for Coastal Carolina’s Thursday

The storm that will bring the severe weather to the Plains Tuesday and South Wednesday will have one last gasp across the Carolina’s on Thursday. Most likely we will see a squall line moving across the Carolina’s that will contain mainly damaging winds and hail. Along the line, a brief tornado could spin-up. We will… Continue Reading →

Coastal Storm May Develop this Weekend

A storm that will move through the Plains into the Mid-Atlantic states will end up along the coast Friday. That storm may stall along the Mid-Atlantic coast and actually stall for several days over the weekend into early next week. The storm may intensify and cause gale force winds and large swells. The strongest winds… Continue Reading →

Wind and Wave Forecast for the storm Thursday

A storm is predicted to develop off the Mid-Atlantic coast Thursday. While the storm originally was expected to much stronger, it now appears the storm will not be as strong but still strong enough to cause Gales and Large Waves. Winds will be gusting well over 40 kts from southern New Jersey to South Caroline…. Continue Reading →

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